Thief Dubbed "Doof Of Hazzard" Caught Via Funny Police Video


A golf club thief has helped produce one of the best stories in the sport over the weekend – or one of the best videos, at least. First, Cody Blick got his sticks stolen in Arizona. And while his borrowed set saw him fire a 63 and earn coveted status on the Tour for next season he hasn’t gotten his babies back. Not even after Blick took to Instagram to offer a $5,000 reward – no questions asked. He never got any leads.

On the flip side? A thief in Texas wasn't quite as lucky. Down in Fort Worth, the swiper dubbed by the local police as the "Doof of Hazzard" (because of his odd choice to put the clubs and himself through the driver-side window)…also didn’t think the hide his face, or his license plate. So the cops made a hilarious clip – modeled after the “Dukes of Hazzard” – and threw it up online. And damn if it didn’t work, and quickly.

The unnamed doofus was identified 37 minutes later.

Source: Star-Telegram

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