Good News: Mom’s Invention Helps Kids In Wheelchairs Stay Warm


Zoey Harrison loves playing outside with her friends, but she uses a wheelchair to get around because of her cerebral palsy, so bundling up for recess was a challenge. The nine-year-old used to complain to her mom, Jennifer, that by the time she finished getting dressed to stay warm in the Michigan winter, the bell would ring for the kids to come back inside.

So Zoey asked her mom to make something that didn’t take so long to put on so she could actually get to play at recess. So Jennifer got to work, starting with two coats that she sewed together and modified to create the “Bodycoat.” She created a video for Zoey’s teacher showing how to put Zoey in her Bodycoat and it was viewed 11-million times, so lots of other people are interested in it.

After requests for hundreds of thousands of Bodycoats poured in, the Harrisons got a patent lawyer and started their family business, “X-Ability,” where the “dis” in the word disability is crossed out. They now sell their Bodycoat and they offer a place for customers to donate one to kids whose families can’t afford one.

"See my ability -- not my disability," Zoey says. "I saved recess for myself and a million other people."

Source: Good Morning America

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