Good News: The Good Dog Foundation Brings Pets To Cheer Up Seniors


Residents at one New York City senior living apartment building, the Atria, might not seem like a playful bunch, but you should see them when they get visits from The Good Dog FoundationIt’s an organization that takes dogs to visit spots including senior living facilities, hospitals, and schools, with a simple goal to brighten peoples day.

Volunteers sign up to get their pooch trained and certified as a therapy dog through the foundation and after all that training, the dogs are ready to visit and interact with people who are elderly, have dementia, or kids on the autism spectrum. It gives folks a chance to pet and play with a dog, which has been proven to be therapeutic, but it also makes the volunteers who bring their dogs feel good too.

“It’s a great way to give back and it’s a great feeling,” explains volunteer Mark Brandt, who volunteers with his dog, Rio. “I get more out of it than the people that she’s visiting a lot of times.”

Source: CBS News

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