Good News: Cruise Ship Rescues Fishermen Lost At Sea For 20 Days


After being lost at sea for close to three weeks, two Costa Rican fishermen were rescued by a cruise ship passing by. Royal Caribbean meteorologist James Van Fleet shared a statement on Twitterexplaining that the ship, Empress of the Seas located the men after changing course because of bad weather.

A spokesman for the ship says the men were picked up with no injuries and that they had been adrift between Jamaica and Cuba since December 1st. They drifted into unfamiliar waters while sleeping then ran out of gas. A light on their boat alerted the cruise ship to their location and they were rescued. They were checked out by a doctor, fed and clothed, then taken to a Jamaican hospital. The Empress crew even collected about $300 as a gift for the fishermen to help them buy food and clothing, according to Van Fleet.

“Pure luck, lining of the stars, God, whatever you choose to believe, the facts are we would NOT have been in that area at the time had we not switched to go to Ocho Rios, Jamaica and you can’t help but think there was a greater plan in all of this,” Van Fleet tweeted.

Source: Huffington Post

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