Mike Tomlin Says Antonio Brown Hasn't Asked For Trade


Yesterday, just hours after we told you that Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown has asked to be traded, his head coach Mike Tomlin said that he had not.

And today we are telling you he did. Oh, and we are also telling you that we are tired of the Steelers sideshow of drama we have had to put up with all season and Tomlin trying to cover it up.

Because while the words “I want to be traded” never came out of Brown’s mouth, a football did come flying out of his hand and was directed at QB Ben Roethlisberger’s head before he stormed out of practice to never return until game day—a must win final game of the season.

If that doesn’t send the message “trade me,” you are sending the message “walk all over me.”

Still Tomlin continued with the dance yesterday saying he had benched his star wideout Sunday against Cincinnati because he failed to show up for work Saturday, but that he hasn't asked for a trade.

During his end-of-year news conference, Tomlin cited a "lack of communication" between Brown and the team and he didn't hide from the troubles his All-Pro receiver has caused. When asked if he thought Brown would quit on the Steelers, Tomlin responded, "You know, you can describe it in whatever ways you want to describe it."

Tomlin did make one concession though as, when asked if there's a point when Brown's antics could outweigh his production, Tomlin said bluntly, "Certainly."

Finally, someone clearly communicating in Pittsburgh.

Source: ESPN

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