"The Notebook" Being Turned Into A Musical


Fans of "The Notebook" have probably seen the Ryan Gosling/Rachel McAdams movie a few hundred times, but now they'll have a new way to experience Noah and Allie's epic love story.

It's just been announced that "The Notebook," based on the popular Nicholas Sparks novel, is being turned into a musical, with Ingrid Michealson writing the music and lyrics, and "This Is Us" writer Bekah Brunstetter writing the book.

"When I was approached about working on the 'Notebook' I had to excuse myself and go to the bathroom and cry and come back into the meeting," Michaelson shares in a press release. "I have loved the movie and the story for so many years now that the idea of turning it into a musical overwhelmed me.” She adds, “I actually started writing that very night of the first meeting, before I even had the job! I cannot wait for the world to hear these characters come to life in a musical way.”

Sparks adds, "I am thrilled to work with Bekah and Ingrid in order to make 'The Notebook' a reality on Broadway. They are amazingly talented, and obviously, the story is near and dear to my heart.” 

So far there's no word on when the musical may open.

Source: Billboard

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