Report: Josh McDaniels 'Very Interested' In Browns' HC Job

Seems like another team is interested in the boy who cried “Colts.”

I am referring, of course, to current Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels who took the Colts head coaching job and then backed out of it just hours after the Colts announced the deal?

Well just two days after it was rumored they were set to interview with the Packers today for their head coaching vacancy comes this story out of Cleveland.

According to, McDaniels himself is “very interested” in the head coaching vacancy and—allegedly—the interest is mutual.

“McDaniels is enthusiastically interested in the Cleveland opening,” the report read. “The Browns have used back channels to indicate a mutual preliminary interest, but they have not invited him to an early interview. The Green Bay Packers did, and he said yes.”

Cleveland’s interest in McDaniels shouldn’t be considered too surprising. Flush with a young quarterback in Baker Mayfield, the team would be best off adding an offensive mind to the mix. McDaniels is among the most-respected on that side of the ball in the NFL.

Well, except in Indianapolis.

Of course, given how well the man was who they took instead, Frank Reich—who led the Colts to the AFC South Title—something tells me they are happy to see McDaniels in Patriots.

And would be even happier to see him at some point in the postseason.

Source: Sportsnaut

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