Cowboys WR Hurns Gets Encouraging News After Gruesome Injury

The fist-pumping joy of Cowboys wide receiver Allen Hurns’ one reception at a crucial moment against Seattle was quickly replaced by a stomach-churning replay.

That’s because, on the ensuing tackle to end the play, Hurns sustained a gruesome dislocated ankle that was captured in graphic detail by TV cameras.

After Hurns was taken from the field on a cart, news followed he had been taken to a hospital to undergo immediate surgery.

But yesterday morning brought encouraging news from NFL insider Adam Schefter who tweeted that Hurns’ health moving forward as it seems—aside from the ankle popping out of socket—there was no vascular damage and that, barring complications, Hurns is expected to be ready to return to football by August.

And if the Cowboys defense keeps playing at the level they are, he may be grabbing a little bling in the process.

And just to put you at ease Cowpoke fans. One Sports medical analyst says that Hurns suffered a “fracture dislocation,”in which the ankle is twisted so severely that the bone is broken and the joint is pulled out of place. It’s a similar injury, Chao says, to the one Odell Beckham Jr. experienced in 2017 and returned from in 2018 for a 1,000-yard season.

And the good news is Hurns won’t return with the medical condition that Beckham has called “clubhouse cancer.”

Source: USA Today

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