#LIES: Worst LIES or OMISSIONS you can tell during the "Interview Process"

Oh, hey there, Liar...

Sucks to hear that doesn't it?

Well, if you lied during your interview process, or omitted some important information about your life, wellness, health or whatnot, or, if you produced some sort of fake credentials or even a 'job offer' which was total BS, YOU... are a liar. You lied to get your job. While you may think you have it - for now - someone knows you fleeced 'em and the company... and that KARMA doesn't expire.

Some would say, "we all exaggerate a bit during job interviews," but have you ever straight up lied?

It’s a bold move and one that may be tempting right about now in this crazy job market, but ultimately, it’s not a great idea.

Here are the things the experts say you should never ever lie about in interviews, because YOU will get caught:

● Educational Degrees And Certifications. Two words for you: Background Check. Your employer is probably going to run one on you and seeing that you made up an alma mater isn’t going to bode well for you. These checks also verify any special training courses and certifications you claim to have as well so it’s best not to brag about your made-up fork-lift license.

● Accomplishments In The Field. Lying about your level of expertise is a terrible idea. Even if your boss doesn’t call your references to double-check all the claims you’re making in the interview, they’re going to figure out you’re not an “expert” in something the first day they hand you a project and see you struggling. Then it will be back to online applications for you.

● Termination History. It’s natural not to want to say you got fired from somewhere but it’s better to rephrase a termination than to lie about it. For example, you could say something like “my skill set didn’t match the direction the company was taking but after researching yours, I can already tell my expertise will be a valuable asset here.”

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