@TACOBELL: They're testing the new #CRAVETARIAN plant-based protein options

While Taco Bell previously announced plans to use Beyond Meat in the near future with some new menu items, they’ve decided to also test their own ground beef substitute: “Cravetarian.”

It’s made from a combination of chickpea and pea protein and will be the base for a Taco Supreme with added lettuce, tomatoes, cheese and sour cream.

How does it compare? The Cravetarian taco is 180 calories versus 190 for a standard Taco Supreme. There’s no other info regarding nutrition or sustainability, but if it goes nationwide there should be more details coming. How’s it taste? The folks at Foodbeast got to try the Cravetarian Taco and say they couldn’t really tell any difference from the standard Supreme Taco – so there’s that.

Here’s the thing, if you want to try one...be ready to travel. Taco Bell’s Cravetarian Taco will be available at only a single location – 14042 Red Hill Ave. in Tustin, California on April 29th.

Good luck!

ht: Foodbeast