#EYES: Research Reveals Most Attractive Eye Colors On Dating Apps

We hear a lot about what to include or not include in your dating app profile to get the most matches, but it may all come down to the eyes. New research from Lenstore, a contact lens supplier in the U.K., looks at which eye colors appeal most to singles on dating sites.

Researchers created profiles for a male and female on Bumble, Tinder and Hinge, then digitally modified the color of their eyes and tracked how many matches each one got, with all other aspects of the profile remaining the same. And it turns out, blue-eyed women are most attractive to men on dating apps, while men with hazel eyes get the most matches from women. The study finds the eye colors most attractive to women are:

1. Hazel

2. Purple

3. Black

4. Blue

5. Brown

6. And green

And the eye colors men find most attractive are:

1. Blue

2. Brown

3. Green

4. Hazel

5. Black

6. And purple

So why do men find blue eyes most appealing? “Cultural factors often dictate the collective consciousness of what is deemed attractive,” psychiatrist Dr. Alexander Lapa explains. “Typically blonde hair and blue eyes were highly valued and often emphasized in the media.” He adds that while we all have our own specific preferences, people are also conditioned by what is deemed socially attractive. Source: Daily Mail

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