COLUMBUS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Sirens across the state sounded at 9:50 Wednesday morning as part of the annual statewide tornado drill.

It's designed to serve as a reminder that spring brings more potential for thunderstorms, tornadoes, floods and other weather-related problems. 

Emergency management officials hope schools, businesses and families used the drill to review their own emergency safety plans.

Franklin County Emergency Management and Homeland Security Director Michael Pannell says if you have no plan, put one together and codify it.

He also hopes those who did take part in the drill will fill out an online survey about their response.

Pannell says in the event of a tornado, the best place to seek shelter is a basement, one that's hopefully equipped with an emergency kit containing water, a battery-powered radio and a flashlight.

According to Pannell, Franklin County has had 31 tornado touchdowns, the most of any county in Ohio.

And, he notes that while less than five percent of the 932 tornados that touched down in Ohio resulted in deaths, they take another toll in terms of the property destruction and the misery they cause their victims.