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WATCH: Angry Grandpa Smashes TV Over Carolina Panthers Loss

The Panthers lost to the Broncos in Super Bowl 50 and it was too much for 'Angry Grandpa' to he smashed a flat screen TV. Now, to be honest here...'Angry Grandpa' is a hugely...
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Guy Spent $21,000 on Super Bowl Tickets, Told Local News Not to Tell His Wife

A reporter in San Francisco went to one of the local airports last Friday, to interview Denver Broncos fans who were flying in for the Super Bowl. And one guy said he'd spent 21 GRAND on four...
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[WATCH] Peyton Manning Wins Super Bowl, Kisses Papa John

You just won Super Bowl 50! Time to give a hug and cheek-kiss to...Papa John?!?!
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[WATCH] Eli Manning's BIZARRE Reaction When Peyton Manning Won the Super Bowl

Whoa! Did you see Eli Manning 's reaction the second his brother Peyton Manning became the first NFL quarterback with 200 career wins??  Doesn't seem like the two of them have a rivalry or...
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No One Can Figure Out Which Woman Is The Mom In This Pic–Can You?

Can you figure out who is who? I couldn't at first! // WHICH ONE IS THE MOM? They've only provided one hint... Posted by UPROXX on  Friday, February 5, 2016...
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Video Of The Crane Collapse In New York City

In New York City Friday morning a crane collapsed that left at least 1 person dead and several others injured. Glenn Zito an electrician who was working in a building next to the crane caught...
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Woman Crashes Her Own Funeral To Scare Husband Who Hired Hit Men To Kill Her

// This is quite a story... Posted by UPROXX on  Friday, February 5, 2016
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FINALLY! Scientists Have Figured Out Why People Have "Resting Bitch Face"

Have you ever heard of Resting Bitch Face?  It's where someone's default facial expression seems unhappy, judgmental, and even mean.   Some scientists wanted to figure out what causes...
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Kevin Hart Plays an Overprotective Dad in This Hilarious Super Bowl Commercial for Hyundai

Kevin Hart is NOT messing around when it comes to keeping tabs on his little girl, ha: As a dad of 3 girls, I'll be keeping this handy. :)
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BRAIN TEASE: Which Way is the Bus Going? Left or Right?

Here's a challenge for you all tonight: which way is this bus going? Tweet in and tell us! — Spark (@SparkSunderland) February 4, 2016  ...
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