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Krissy Taylor

You are going to cry watching this Father's Day DOVE Commercial





What a great commercial! It made me think of my girls calling for their "daddy". Those little sweet voices and those giggles when he makes them laugh is pure enjoyment for me!



Then I thought of my dad:


All the times I called him all hours of the day when something broke at my house. And he walked me though how to fix the problem OR how in moments he would be over with his tool box to fix it. All the times he surprised my husband and I with a truck load of mulch. All the steak dinners he would cook for us on Sundays after church. I love my dad so much! I thank him for teaching me how to be a handygirl. I know how to change a tire, shoot a gun, use tools, tile & grout, and mulch like it's nobody's business. :) Dziękuję Tata. 


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