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Beardy Guy Totally Nails Girl Voice

Ever seen a man with a beard sound exactly like a teenage girl? If not, you haven't met Matt Bittner yet. This guy does sound design. He rabidly follows sports. He dabbles in acting...and...
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Rixton Covers "Problem"

Rixton did a cover of Ariana Grande's "Problem." The best part? They put their own spin on it, but still made it awesome.  
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Guy Makes Pallet Trolley

This guy decided to put wheels on a pallet so he could skate along trolley tracks. A: It looks like a ton of fun. B: I love the looks people give him as he goes sailing by them. C: I...
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Dogs Do Nothing When Burglars Break In

What do you think your dog would do if someone broke into your house after you left for work? First, these two dogs tried going up to greet the burglars. After one of the guys shooed them...
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Women Trying to Steal Beach Canopy Caught Red-Handed

When you go to the beach, no one knows who owns what , unless of course you happen to be the actual owner and come across two middle aged women struggling to disassemble your beach canopy so...
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Bigfoot Spotted in Virginia

You know what would be more believable evidence of spotting Bigfoot? Video. If you just take photos that show no movement whatsoever, even really "clear" photos (which may not be blurry,...
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Dog Surprised with 100 Balls

Dogs love balls. What happens when you give a dog one hundred balls? After the dog gets over the fright of so many round objects coming at him at once, he then finds a new favorite ball every...
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How to Booze Up Your Resume

Maybe you're already employed but looking for a better opportunity, or maybe you're unemployed. Regardless, you're looking for a new gig and you need to get prospective employers to notice you....
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Unseen Footage from Katy Perry's "Birthday" Video

Katy Perry just released previously unseen footage from her music video for "Birthday." In character as Princess Mandee, you'll see her in the middle of painting a child's face, while giving...
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Baby Discovers his Eyebrows for the First Time

Babies discovering things for the first time almost always means a laugh for the adults around them. This baby, a little boy named Leon, discovering he can consciously control his eyebrows will...
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