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Can You Go 10 Min Without Your Phone?

Can You Go 10 Min Without Your Phone?

Can you go ten minutes without using your phone? Even for the greater good of mankind? I mean that literally. If you can go ten mintues wihtout using your phone (as tracked by your phone's accelerometer), Giogrio Armani will donate enough money to provide a day's worth of safe drinking water to a child in a developing country.

Armani currently sponsors the Unicef Tap Project, which provides safe drinking water for children in need.

At the very least, leave your phone at your desk when you head to your next meeting after you navigate to the Unicef Tap Project page with your phone and follow the prompts to begin the ten minutes.

Going to the loo? Leave your phone behind and then wander around topping off your coffee and actually talking with your coworkers face to face. 

I bet you can go thirty minutes today without touching your phone. I KNOW you can last ten minutes without your phone. So get to it...and you'll accomplish more than you imagined, in more ways than you might think.

(, If you can go 10 minutes without touching your phone, Giorgio Armani will fund a day of water for a child in need, Derek Markham, February 26, 2014)

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