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Goof Off at Work Level: Expert


One of Verizon's top programmers was found to have outsourced his own job to Shenyang, China. This guy was considered to be an expert in C, C++, Perl, Java, Ruby, PHP, and Python. Maybe he does actually know those computer languages, but he wasn't the one using them to excel at his job.

He shipped the software consultancy his authorization key to log into his account, and paid them a fifth of his six figure salary to do all of his work for him.

What his REAL workday broke down into was:

9:00am: arrive, surf Reddit for a couple hours. Watch cat videos.

11:30am: lunch

1:00pm: eBay time!

2:00pm: Facebook updates, check LinkedIn

4:30pm: end of day email update to boss

5:00pm: go home

What's more, this guy took on other jobs on top of the job he had at Verizon, and outsourced all of those as well. All told, he was raking in hundreds of thousands of dollars in profit.

Needless to say, he no longer works at Verizon. My guess would be that he's going to set up a consultancy business so he can outsource his work without getting in trouble for it.

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