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Moving In Together Strengthens Relationships

Moving In Together Strengthens Relationships

Back in the day your parents told you if you shacked up with someone, it meant the eventual death of your relationship. Marriage? Forget about it. Divorce stared you in the eye from the moment you decided to cohabit before getting married.

Although that advice came from actual research, new research that takes into account the differences between today and back then shows a totally different story...different in that if you decide to live together before getting married, the relationship lasts on average eight years longer.

Before you start thinking about how much money you can save by sharing costs after moving in with someone, go through this checklist first. The catch this recent research shows you need the right kind of relationship to make living together work. (The list includes listening to your gut instinct.)

(, Think you're ready to move in with your partner? Take our test to see if you'll survive living in sin... or if you're doomed to failure, Tracey Cox, January 29, 2014)

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