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What I Learned in Amsterdam


While in Amsterdam last week, I stayed in a hotel right by the Heineken factory. Wanna know one way they deliver Heineken in Amsterdam?

By bike.

See that red path right in front of the bike rack? That would be one of the dedicated bike paths in Amsterdam...and I do mean dedicated. Should you stumble out of the Heineken factory after imbibing enough of the free samples to stagger drunkenly into it, you WILL be plowed over if you get in their way. You might even get run over by a moped, which share the bike paths.

Red Light District

Let's say you manage to make your way over to the Red Light District unscathed. What does it look like? Well, you can't take pictures in the Red Light District (patrolling police make sure of that, among other things).

Instead, my sister took this photo of me right in front of the Red Light District (which bears an uncanny resemblance to's actually really pretty).

The building you see me standing in front of at the entrance to the Red Light District? Ironically, it's a church. Oh, and get this, right past the pillar with the red LED lights there's a bronze plaque set into the ground in front of the doors where people would exit the church that's basically two bronze breasts being cupped by a disembodied hand.

Legalized marijuana

I bet you've heard that you can get the legal marijuana in Amsterdam in coffee shops, right? You'd be correct, but guess what you CAN'T get at a coffee shop in Amsterdam?

Coffee. You have to go to a cafe for that.



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