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Woman Pranked with Giant Spider Wets Herself


Find a tarantula in the basement? Time to prank your wife!

Even if spiders give you the willies, like they do to this guy, when you married someone who enjoys pranking you as much as you like pranking her, you jump at the opportunity to pull one over on her.

The video starts out with the guy recording some stuff in the basement he wants to sell, so skip to 3:19 to see the fun start with his wife. She gets on her hands and knees to try and flush the spider out from where it crawled under the dryer.

After a lot of leaping around between the two of them, along with some strong language, you see him pull out a fabric glove and mime throwing it at her, pretending as though the spider attacks her. When he does, at 5:39, you see her totally lose it.

Finally, at 6:08, he manages to track her down after she ran out of the basement, and you can see the tell-tale stain where she actually wet herself because of it. He definitely found himself a keeper, because she takes the prank incredibly well.



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