ATHENS, Ohio (WTVN) -- Investigators are trying to trace a call for help from southwest Ohio that forced the evacuation of a residence hall at Ohio University in Athens for nearly three hours Tuesday afternoon.

Ohio University Police say that Brown County authorities received a call around 2:55 p.m. from a man identifying himself as John Jackson.

"According to the information that I was given, he informed them that he was off his meds and that he had shot his mother, she was bleeding to death, and that he needed help," said OUPD Chief Andrew Powers.

The address he gave was 58 East Green Drive in Athens. That address is Gamertsfelder Hall at Ohio University which is home to more than 200 freshmen student athletes and exchange students.

Athens Police and the Ohio State Highway Patrol aided in the door-to-door search of the building, but they found nothing. They expanded their search to other buildings on the East Green, but again came up with nothing to indicate there had been a shooting.

"There's no indication that anybody heard shots or any kind of activity that would be consistant with this kind of incident," said Powers.

Powers did not believe the phone call to Brown County emergency services was made on a 911 line.

The incident remains under investigation.